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This Convent is located within the Thodupuzha Municipality about 1.5 K.m from the Municipal Bus stand, one K. m along the Kottayam (Pala) route you will see a road to the left and exactly 50 meters distance in the shrine and adjacent to the shrine is the building where the sisters are staying. This shrine and building belong to the Eparchy of Kothamangalam. This Building was the house of chippy to which Mother Mary was appearing from 1999 March onwards and giving messages. She was a girl of 8 years, the daughter of John J Puthiyedam and Reji. Later according to the message of Mother Mary they donated the house and the small plot to the Bishop of Kothamangalam because Mother Mary says that she will make this place another Lourdes. The present condition of the shrine is that people are coming and praying in the shrine and receiving Mercy of God according to the enormous testimonies of miracles and favors received by all those who obey the instruction of Mother Mary. This shrine is opened for the pilgrims from 6.30 am to 9.00 pm and it is a wonderful experience that from down to the close of the day, pilgrims are coming and praying in the shrine. The shrine is never seen vacated during these hours.


The sisters explain to the pilgrims in small batches about the origin and small history of the shrine and the messages given by our Lady of Thodupuzha   regarding the salvation of souls and sanctification of life.


Mother of Divine Mercy is the patron of this Convent. At present there are 4 sisters staying here looking after the shrine and caring the needs of the pilgrims.


Because of the special atmosphere, this convent is a unique one among all our other convents. The uniqueness of the convent is the ‘Divine Mercy shrine of Holy Mary’ where the sisters are serving.


All those who visit this shrine experience an influx of spiritual energy resulting in spiritual renovation and conversions. The faithful testify that the miracles happen when they fulfill the requirement suggested by Mother Mary through Chippy, especially receiving the sacrament of reconciliation, dedicating their dear ones and their ancestors at least up to four generations, receiving the chaplet of Divine Mercy as suggested by our Lady of Thodupuzha using the holy water from the shrine for drinking, bathing with this Holy water or even applying the water on the disease affected areas, participating in the divine Mercy Novena and other economies and activities of the shrine. Accordingly many instant healings are taking place. Many of them testify that they receive multiple blessings by praying in the shrine. Accordingly many instant healings are taking place. Many of them testify that they receive multiple blessings by praying in the shrine.


Rev. Fr. Jose Monippilly is the rector of the shrine, and he is the Vicar of the Forane Church of Thodupuzha.The Rector and assistant Vicar regularly conducts the liturgical services in the shrine. Holy mass is celebrated regularly. On Fridays three Holy masses are offered here and Divine Mercy Novena is conducted four times on Fridays. Arrangements are made for confession especially on Fridays for the pilgrims. On evening one hour adoration and Holy Rosary are conducted. At other times an atmosphere of silence is preserved and those who come to pray enjoy the conducive atmosphere of silence for personal prayer. In all these services and activities the sisters are fully involved.


According to the messages of Mother Mary two feasts are celebrated solemnly at this shrine. On the first Sunday after Easter, designated as Mercy Sunday, the feast of Divine Mercy and on 8th of December the feast of the immaculate Conception of our lady of Divine Mercy are Celebrated. The two feasts are preceded by nine days of Divine Mercy Novena. On feast days after the liturgical Ceremonies a solemn candle procession is conducted along the town reciting Chaplet of Divine Mercy on mercy Sunday and Holy Rosary on December 8th. Other days of Marian feasts are celebrated appropriating with chain Rosary Novena of Divine mercy and Holy mass.


Inspired by the innumerable testimonies, people from far and near are coming to the Shrine and it is hard to accommodate pilgrims and so the shrine is extended to the premises and still the accommodation is insufficient.


Now a small plot of land is purchased adjacent to the shrine is to build a large Church in the name of Mother Mary as requested by mother Mary herself


On 8th December 2007, a website in the name of the Shrine has been opened by the patron of the Shrine Bishop Mar George Punnakottil namely www.divinemercykerala.com,&www.divinemercythodupuzha.com


The divine Mercy convent is an integrate part of the divine Mercy shrine of holy Mary, Thodupuzha.