The administration of the Congregation is carried out by the superior general and general council. The provinces are directly under the Provincials and provincial council. Smaller units are governed by regional superiors or mission Superiors dependent on the provincials, who, in turn, as subject to the general council. There are Local Superiors to handle the everyday affairs of the convents.


Superior General

Mother Sinclare

Religious Education and Formation

Asst. Superior General

Sr. Geo Maria

Finance, Farming, Construction and Education, General Auditor for Kerala Provinces

General Councillor

Sr. Vimala

Care of the Sick, Spiritual Animation and Mission (Developed Countries)

General Councillor

Sr. Regy Maria

Mission – Education, Catechetical Work, Liturgy & Course

General Councillor

Sr. Lucy Xavier

Social Service, Evangelization and Dalit Empowerment

General Councillor

Sr. Ann Joseph

Mission–Evangelization, Finance, Farming and Construction and Mission Secretariat.

General Councillor

Sr. Ancil

Catechetical Work, Liturgy, Course and Seminar

Finance Officer

Sr. Elsa Toms


Secretary General

Sr. Preethi Maria

With the election of the first superior general and the formation of the Curia of the unified Franciscan Clarist congregation, the need for a Generalate was felt and gradually a proper site was found at Asokapuram on the side of the NAD road. The house was built there and named “Portiuncula” – means “little portion”. The head quarters of the congregation, “Portiuncula”, rightly bears this name, in its attempt to lead a life of austerity and simplicity. It was blessed and inaugurated on 19th March, 1971. The common Juniorate is conducted in Portiuncula from May, 1973. It is intended to give formation to the junior sisters and to create a sense of unity and oneness of the congregation. A prayer house was inaugurated on 15th August 1979; and ever since, sisters from various provinces come to this prayer house at Portiuncula to spend two months in prayer and contemplation.

In connection with the celebration of the 8th Birth centenary of St. Clare, the Franciscan Clarist Congregation started a one year Scriptural Franciscan Diploma Course, namely SAKALYA, which means wholeness, in 1992, to promote Franciscan charism among the Franciscans. This scriptural Franciscan Diploma course lasts for 9 months from June to February. St. Francis of Assisi being a Gospel man, major part of the course is the study of Franciscan and Biblical themes.


Mother Maurus FCC (1970-80)

Mother Romuald FCC (1980-86)

Mother Celerina FCC (1986-91)

Mother Henry Suso FCC (1991-97)

Mother Marianna FCC (1997-2003)

Mother Ceelia FCC (2003-09)

Mother Sinclare FCC (2009-)