Parish History

Thuruthyppally is the spiritual centre of people from the areas of Thiruvambady, Pazhuthuruthu, Kattambakku and Njizhur in the beautiful Gramapanchayath of Njizhur in Kottayam district. In the early days, the people of this area had to depend on the churches at Muttuchira, Kaduthuruthy and Kuravilangadu for their spiritual needs. As it was difficult to reach those churches after a long walk of around eight kilometers and attend the Holy Mass, the faithful from this area presented the matter before the then parish priest of Muttuchira Rev. Fr. Kaippanplakkal. The parish priest expressed his opinion to have a Kurisupally in this area. In that way the initiative for the establishment of a Kurisupally in this place was taken.


A meeting of 60 mappilamar (Christians) was held under the leadership of Varghese Kallekadambil to discuss about the establishment of Kurisupally in 1858. The Kallekadambil family agreed to offer the required land for the Kurisupally. The members of Kallekadambil family had come from Manarkadu and settled at Ettumannur. They were called as ‘ettumanukkaranmar’ later. A few members from that family came and settled in and around Muttuchira and these areas. The Maprakali Kunnukala property (Srambickalpurayidam), where the present church is constructed, was purchased from Mamalassery Kaimal and Arunootimangalam Pulickanayanmar. The order issued by the then Divan Krishnan Nair to the Piravam Mandapathumvathukkal Thahasildar Shenthina Pillai granted the permission to establish a Kurisupally as per the request made by the Thahasildar of Ettumannur after receiving the consent of the land lord regarding the donation of the property for Kurisupally.


The construction of Kurisupally was completed under the leadership of Kallekadambil Thuruthipalliyil Varkey Ulahannan (Kokkivydhian) and Kandathiparambil Kunjuvarkey in 1860. The Kurisupally was named after St. John the Baptist. The faithful from this area started to come to this Kurisupally and conduct prayer services. The assistant parish priests from Muttuchira Forane church used to offer the Holy Mass and conduct other spiritual practices.


The visit dairy (1910) of Muttuchira church mentions at the 48th number an instruction to the Asst. Parish Priests of Muttuchira church to offer Holy Mass at Thuruthyppally Kurisupally. From that we come to know that the celebration of Holy Mass used to be conducted at Thuruthyppally Kurisupally since 1910. The 906th circular of Changanassery Bishop Mar Thoma issued in 1910 gives an instruction that the priests who come to Thuruthyppally should be given three and half rupees instead of three rupees.


In 1910, Thuruthyppally Plavelil Cherian Varkey in the presence of Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kappil and the then Vicar of Muttuchira Forane church Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Koladiyil agreed to register and give the Mapprakalipurayidam to church under the condition to offer Holy Mass. But the land registration did not take place immediately. After the death of Plavelil Cherian Varkey, his wife Rosa along with Thuruthyppally Kokkivydhian and other people registered the land in the name of the Kurisupally in 1912. The condition over the deal was that the half of the income from the property will be used to offer Holy Mass for the dead and the other half for the church.


The records in the Bishop’s House show that the accounts of this Kurispally had been submitted at the Bishop’s House since 1912. It seems that the Vicar of Muttuchira Forane church Rev. Fr. Joseph Peedieckal granted the permission to offer goat and kazhunnu at the Kurisupally since Jan. 1, 1913. After the death of Thuruthyppally Kokkivydhian, his elder brother’s son Kumbanattel Cherian Varkey took initiative and built a presbytery for the priests to stay with the permission from the diocesan headquarters.


The decision to appoint Pallivathukkal Domini as the sacristan of Thuruthyppally Kurisupally was taken in 1914. The following are the members of the first meeting those who took the decision.


1. Thuruthyppally Kollakottil Ouseph Varkey

2. Kuzhivelimattathil Itty Ippe Varkey

3. Thuruthyppally Madappattu Ulahannan Varkey

4. Thuruthyppally Kollakkottil Padinjarepparambil Ouseph Thoma

5. Kuriakose Ulahannan Pailo

6. Koovelil Itty Ippe Kuriako

7. Kottayil Thuruthel Varkey Chacko

8. koovelil Varkey Ouseph

9. Kollakkottil Mudakkalimattathil Ouseph Ouseph

10. Parayil Padinjareveettil Ulahannan Ouseph


Thuruthyppally Kurisupally was granted the permission to have the tabernacle, kusthothi and conduct vazhvu in 1915. The blessing of marriage began to be done with the 114th circular issued by the Bishop of Chanagnassery in 1916. As per the order issued on 16th medam (Malayalam month) 1077, it was decide to offer a solemn Mass for the dead and an oppise (payer for the dead) every year in consideration with the contributions of Thuruthyppally family for Thuruthyppally Kurisupally till date. The burials began to be done at Thuruthyppally Kurisupally as per the 735th circular of Bishop Mar Thoma issued on May 1, 1917.  


The council meeting held under the presidency of Rev. Fr. Ouseph Nadackal in 1918 sent a request to the bishop asking to raise Thuruthypally Kurisupally, which remains as a Kurisupally for the last 60 years, to a parish and grant permission to collect fund and make a cemetery. The then Vicar of Muttuchira was asked his opinion about the same and the Vicar also suggested to raise Thuruthyppally Kurisupally to a parish as early as possible. As per the 1095th circular of Changanassery Bishop Mar Thoma Thuruthyppally Kurisupally was raised to a parish on July 22, 1919.


Rev. Fr. Ouseph Vellaipparambil took the charge as the parish priest of Thuruthyppally and blessed the completed cemetery. Chandy Mathai Pallivathukkal and Philipos Peter Ittenparambil were appointed as the sacristan and the rabeku kottukaran (singer) respectively on August 28, 1919. The Thuruthyppally church, which became a parish, did not have any income to meet even the daily expenses. The expense of the parish was met with the donations from the parishners, income from kettuthengu and pidinellu etc. The sacristan Chandy Mathai Pallivathukkal was removed and Ouseph Ouseph Mamalasseril, a native of Vaikkathupally parish, was appointed instead in 1921. The then Vicar of Muttuchira Forane church Rev. Fr. Yacob Kadavil made an official visit at Thuruthypally parish as per the 545th circular issued by the Bishop of Changanassery on March 3, 1922.


The parish council took the decision to obtain the permission to start a primary school under the management of the parish and conduct the first class in the mondalam for time being. The land required for the school was jointly donated by Puthoopparambil Kurian Paily, Kumbanattel Luka Cherian and Luka Ouseph. A committee for the construction of the school building was formed. Puthoopparambil Kurian Pailo and Parapurathuparambil Ouseph Ulahannan were appointed as the permanent committee members. The land in front of the school building, owned by Kurias Pailo Ulahannan, was donated to the church for the requirements of the school.


Kottayil Puthenpurackal Ramakrishna Pillai was appointed to look after the accounts of the church in 1922. The parish accounts were managed by the parish priest himself till then. Ramakrishna Pillai was appointed as a teacher in the management school after one year and Ouseph Mathai Kolancheril, a native of Kaduthuruthy parish, was appointed to fill the post of the parish accountant. The first parish priest of Thuruthyppally Rev. Fr. Vellaipparambil was transferred and Rev. Fr. Joseph Illathuparambil succeeded him in 1924. It was during this time the decision to celebrate the feast of Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary as the main dershanathirunal (feast) of Thuruthyppally church, which is under the patronage of St. John the Baptist.


Rev. Fr. Ouseph Kizhakkekara was appointed the parish priest of Thuruthyppally parish in 1926. The singer Philipos Ittenparambil was removed and Olickal Kurian Devasia was appointed instead. Though Rev. Fr. Augusthy Cheruvelil was appointed the parish priest in 1927, he was transferred after few months and Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Murickan took the charge of the parish. The construction of a shed adjacent to the church and the construction of the Kooveli road that goes below the church were done during this time. The muricharth for the church was written in 1927. It was approved by the then Administrator Apostolic of Changanassry diocese Mong. J Kallarackal. The 152nd circular of the bishop of Changanasserry Mar James Kalassery issued on Jan. 16, 1928 granted the permission to celebrate the feast of the Blessed Sacrament, conduct 13 hour adoration, celebrate the Holy Mass before the exposed Blessed Sacrament and accept the arulika donated by Kurias Kalapurayil Pailo Rosa.


Rev. Fr. Augusthy Panackal was appointed here in 1929. The circular No. 2225 dated Dec. 14, 1930 granted the permission to establish viyasagra in the church. Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Chalkadavil was the parish priest of Thuruthyppally parish from March 1913 to March 1934. Rev. Fr. Chacko Pazhempallil became the parish priest of this parish in March 1934. Mangalathukarottu Varkey Thomman was appointed the parish accountant on June 10, 1934.  


A bell-tower for the church was constructed during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Kurias Kuriakose, a native of this parish, in April 1935. The feast of Mother Mary used to be conducted on 8th Dec. It was discontinued due to adverse weather conditions and financial difficulties. Rev. Fr. Kuriakose shifted this feast to the Sunday which comes after 2nd of February. The Thiruvambady road from Chirakkunnel was constructed with the help of parishners in connection with the visit of Mar James Kalassery in Oct. 1937. Rev. Fr. Augusthy Changanassery was appointed the parish priest in Oct. 1938. He was transferred after two and half years of service and Rev. Fr. Joseph Onamkulam succeeded him in May 1941.


It was during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Onamkulam most of the roads in this area were made. The decision to build a Kurisupally near Kaduthuruthy – Elanji road was taken in 1943. Two cents of land from Pottankuzhy purayidam, which was purchased by Rev. Fr. Onamkulam earlier, was donated to the parish for the construction of the Kurisupally. The bishop laid the foundation stone of the Kurisupally. The construction of Kurisupally was completed and blessed in 1945. It was a two twin faced Kurisupally. The statue of St. John the Baptist facing towards Kaduthuruthy – Elanji road and the statue of St. Philomena towards the opposite side were fixed. The feast of St. Philomena used to be celebrated solemnly in the Kurisupally. 


It was decided to demolish the main church due to lack of sufficient space inside the church and construct a new church in cross shape. But the reconstruction did not take place due to lack of money. The permission to celebrate two Holy Masses on Sundays was received in 1945. Rev. Fr. Onamkulam was transferred and Rev. Fr. Chandy Neerakkal was appointed the parish priest in July 1945. The wooden bridge across Valiathodu (river) was damaged and the parish council formed a committee for the reconstruction of it. The committee collected the fund and constructed the bridge. The 5th standard was started in the L P School under the management of the parish in 1947. The church took up the Moyattupadam paddy field donated by Malieckal Ulahannan Joseph for the church to have nithyakurbana (regular Holy Mass) for his father in 1948.


The diocese of Changanassery was bifurcated as per the decree ‘Clo Ecclesiarum’ of Pope Pious XIIth and formed the new Diocese of Pala on July 25, 1950. St. Thomas the Apostle and Our Lady of Immaculate Conception were chosen as the patron and the patroness of the diocese. Mar Sebastian Vayalil became the first Bishop of the new Diocese of Pala. With that Thuruthyppally church became under the administration of Pala Diocese.


Rev. Fr. Neerakkal was transferred and Rev. Fr. Joseph Ayankanal (Kuttantharappel) was appointed the parish priest in 1951. Rev. Fr. Kuttantharappel was suffering from different ailments due to old age while taking charge of Thuruthyppally parish. His love, affection, simplicity and  his devoted prayer life etc. attracted the whole parishners. He gathered the illiterate youth and taught them catechism in a systematic way. Sri C P Joseph, a native of Kottayam diocese and who was staying near Thuruthyppally parish, was the Sunday school Headmaster in those days. As the activities of the parish were in smooth progress, the illness of Rev. Fr. Kuttantharappel increased soon and he took leave for treatment. Rev. Fr. Mathai Vellappattu was appointed the parish priest in Oct. 1951. Rev. Fr. Mathai Vellappattu, who was a poet and a progress- minded personality, served here only for six months.


Rev. Fr. Kuttantharappel was appointed again as the parish priest in March 1952. Cheriyan Puthenkandathil was appointed the sacristan on Feb. 24, 1952. Rev. Fr. Ouseph who found more time for prayer and led a life of simplicity moved to his own parish Kadapplamattom to have the retired life. Rev. Fr. Thomas Paremmakkal was the next parish priest. Though he tried to demolish and reconstruct the parish church it did not succeed. He was transferred after ten months of administration and Rev. Fr. Thomas Vadakkemuri was appointed instead in Nov. 1953. Rev. Fr. Job Ilambassery took the charge after one year. It was a period that the parish achieved an active participation in administration and spiritual practices. Rev. Fr. George Nilappana was appointed the parish priest in Oct. 1958 and Rev. Fr. G C Teelar succeeded him after one year in Oct. 1959.


Rev. Fr. Kurias Kuriachan, a native of this parish and who was leading a retired life in our presbytery, passed away on March 10, 1961. Rev. Fr. G C Teelar, who was a writer and a retreat preacher, was transferred in Feb. 1962 and Rev. Fr. Augusthy Kachiramattathil became the parish priest after that. The present church, school building and the kurisadi were reconstructed due to the initiatives and the hard work of Rev. Fr. Augusthy, who was blessed with the qualities of leadership and courage. He visited all the houses in the parish and asked their opinion about the reconstruction of the church. Meanwhile the youth of the parish became his friends. The council meeting held on March 4, 1962 decided to reconstruct the parish church. A committee comprised of 26 people was selected.  The parish was divided into six grades and the fund collection was started accordingly. The people those who come for the Holy Mass, including women and children, used to carry stone and bricks for the church construction. As the church construction progressed, the condition of Kurisadi beneath the church became worse, which was in decay. Rev. Fr. Augusthy Kachiramattathil approached Thuruthyppally Ulahannan Varkey Vydhian and requested to construct the Kurisadi. Ulahannan Varkey Vydhian built the Kurisadi at his own expense. The name of Ulahannan Varkey Vydhian was written as the donor of Kurisadi as per the decision of Council held on August 26, 1962 and the 651st circular of Bishop issued on August 29, 1962. The amount for the church construction was also collected through the collection of kettuthengu, pidinellu and rubber sheets etc. When the foundation of the church was made, there was no space at the east side for the procession to be taken. Ulahannan Varkey Vydhian was approached again with the issue. He offered to give 8.5 cents of land and the permission to blast and take the complete stone for the construction of the church. An amount of Rs. 650 was fixed as the cost of both the property and the stone. It was decided to use that amount to offer three solemn Holy Masses and three oppises (Prayer for the dead) every year. The decision was taken as per the council meeting held on Feb. 17, 1963 and the 314th circular of the Bishop issued on Feb. 20, 1963. The sudden and unexpected demise of Varkey Thomas Mangalathukarottu, the accountant of this parish, happened during that time. Rev. Parish Priest suggested the name of John, the son of Thuruthypallil Ulahannan, to look after the accounts of the parish during church construction. The council meeting held on May 5, 1963 unanimously elected John to take up the responsibility. The order from the Govt. that the school building is unfit and the classes can be conducted only after its renovation, was another trouble that the parish faced next. The opinion of the council was that it is difficult to renovate the school building when the church construction is in progress. But Rev. Fr. kachiramattathil was firm with the decision to go ahead with the work of school building. A committee, comprised of Kurias Kurian Paul, Koovelil Joseph Paul and Puthuparambil Paily Joseph as the permanent members, was formed to look after the work of the school. The work was completed with the materials of the demolished church and the amount collected in a separate collection.


The parish accepted the 84 cents of land donated by Rev. Fr. Kurias Kurian for the church in 1965. Another seven cents of land offered free of cost by Manadiyel Devasia, a parishner of Kattambakku Latin Church, was accepted and registered (title deed reg. no. 2883) in the ownership of the parish. Some of the parishners of this parish became part of Vilayamkodu parish, when Vilayamkodu Kurisupally was raised to a parish in 1966.


Mar Sebastian Vayalil, the then Bishop of Pala, blessed the reconstructed parish church on Dec. 31, 1967. Following that the main feast was celebrated on Jan. 1st and 2nd of 1968. Kumbanattel Anna was appointed as the sweeper in the church in Jan. 1968. Some parts of the Kurisupally of St. Philomena, near Kaduthuruthy – Elanji road, had fallen down. It was decided to demolish the Kurisupally completely and erect a cross instead as per the council meeting held on August 4, 1968 and the circular no. 670, issued on August 19, 1968. Rev. Fr. Augusthy Kachiramattathil was transferred after seven years of dedicated service in this parish in Jan. 1969. Rev. Fr. John Thottuvelil was the next parish priest. It was found that some people encroached and began to take up cultivations in the place where the Kurisupally of St. Philomena existed earlier. Rev. Fr. Onamkulam was the owner of that property.  The council meeting held on June 15, 1969 requested Rev. Fr. Onamkulam to register that property in the name of the parish. The church received the electricity connection during the tenure of Rev. Fr. John.


Rev. Fr. John Thottuvelil was transferred and Rev. Fr. Joseph Narimattathil took the charge of the parish in 1971. The Visitation Sisters from Alappuzha began to work in Thuruthypally parish as per the circular No. E C 69/72 issued by the Bishop of Pala on March 4, 1972. The Sisters began the construction work of the convent in the property donated by Sri Lukose Paul Kurias. They stayed at kumbanattu house of Sri M C Pothan and looked after the work. The parish provided Rs. 50 each per month towards the expenses of the Sisters. The parishners also supported the Sisters to meet their expenses. Rev. Fr. Joseph Narimattathil was transferred after one year in preparation of his trip to abroad. Rev. Fr. Paul Pazhempally was the next parish priest and took the charge in Sept. 1972. It was Rev. Fr. Paul who reconstructed the presbytery.  


The construction of presbytery was started after the collection of fund from the parishners according to their capacity, as per the decision of parish council held on Sept. 16, 1973 and the circular no. 841st of the Bishop issued on Oct. 9, 1973. A committee, comprised of Kuzhivelil Manadiyel Mathew Lukose, Kurias Kurian Paul, Kuzhivelil Joseph Sebastian, Koovelil Joseph Paul, Varappadavil Mathai Kuruvila, Kottayil Joseph Xavier, Kurias Ulahannan George and Vattanirappel Devasia Devasia, was formed to look after the works of the presbytery. In consideration with the financial difficulties of Thuruthyppally parish, a request was sent to Muttuchira Forane church, which is the head church of this parish, asking for financial help. Accordingly, the Muttuchira Forane church provided Rs. 10,000 to Thuruthyppally parish.


Mar Joseph Pallickaparambil was made the second Bishop of the Diocese of Pala on August 15, 1973. The Moittupadam paddy field, which was 28 cents, was sold as per the decision of parish council held on April 13, 1975 and the circular no. 726th of the Bishop issued on July 25, 1975. The permission was granted to offer six separate Holy Masses and two Solomon Holy Masses for the dead, for the intentions of Parappurathuparambil Ulahannan Ouseph. The service of Visitation Sisters, which began in this parish in 1971, was ended and they went back to Alapuzha. Those sixty cents of land, which was donated by Sri Lukose Paul Kurias earlier, was taken up by the church and planted coconut trees there. The parish council held on Oct. 12, 1975, decided to give five cents of land (3 cents for an amount of Rs. 500 each and 2 cents free of cost) to Thuruthyppally Fruit Caning Society, formed by Rev. Fr. Paul Pazhempally. The 8.5 cents of land owned by Rev. Fr. Onamkulam, where the cross was erected, was registered in the name the parish church as per the decision of parish council held on Nov. 9, 1975 on the condition that a Holy Mass will be offered for the intentions of Rev. Fr. Onamkulam on the previous day of the feast of St. John the Baptist every year. It was decided to sell the 84 cents of Valamattom paddy field and buy Elanjimattom property instead as per the decision of parish council held on Jan. 18, 1976 and the circular no. 200 of the Bishop issued on Feb. 24, 1976. The permission was granted from the Bishop’s House to offer 12 Holy Masses for the intentions of Rev. Fr. Kurias Kuriachan, the donor of Valamattom field, every year. In 1977, five cents of land was given to construct a building for Balavady and for the activities of Mahilasamajam from the parish as per the permission obtained through Circular no. 231st issued on March 8, 1977.


The parish council held on August 6, 1978 took the decision to construct a parish hall. The council entrusted the responsibility of parish hall construction with J John Thuruthyppally, Joseph Sebastian Kuzhivelil and Mathai Joseph Melukkunnel. There was a bell-tower in the place, where the parish hall was planned to be constructed. That bell-tower was removed from there as per the decision of parish council held on Nov. 5, 1978 and the circular no. 766th of the Bishop issued on Nov. 24, 1978. A parish hall, small but beautiful one, was constructed with the amount of Rs. 20,000 received from the diocese and the donations of parishners. The parish council held on Jan. 14, 1979 expressed their condolence over the sudden demise of the sacristan Puthenkandathil Joseph Cherian and elected his son Cherian Cherian as the new sacristan. The parish council also accepted the resignation of Sri John Thuruthyppally, who looked after the accounts of this parish sincerely for the last 17 years and who resigned from the post on personal reasons. Sri Varkey Paul Varappadavil was appointed as the new accountant of the parish. Mukalel Kurian Mathew, a native of Njizhur parish, was appointed the sacristan temporarily when the then sacristan Cherian Cherian joined in the Army. Varkey Paul, who was the accountant, resigned after one year and Thuruthyppallil Joy Mathew was appointed instead.


Olickal Joseph was appointed the Sacristan instead of Mukalel Kurian in 1980. Rev. Fr. Pazhempallil was transferred after a long period of service in Feb. 1981. Following are the priests who succeeded him later; Rev. Fr. Thomas Nadackal, Rev. Fr. Joseph Payyanimandapam and Rev. Fr. Kurian Vellaringattil.


The first bishop of Pala Diocese Mar Sebastian Vayalil passed away on Nov. 21, 1986. The road that comes to the church was tarred in Dec. 1987. Sri George Kurias and Sri James Varkey Kottayil were committee members. Rev. Fr. Kurian Vellaringattil was transferred after five years of service in 1988. Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakara was the next parish priest. During this time, the parish found a renewal in spiritual life, conducted charismatic retreats and family retreats etc. Sixteen prayer groups were formed in the parish to organize prayer gatherings. It was decided to make a flag post in the church on Oct. 16, 1988. Sri Joy Joseph Kuzhiveli made and donated a flag post for the church in memory of his forefathers in the family.


The old church-bell was remoulded (re-casted) with an expense of Rs. 7,550 on May 9, 1990. Reconstruction of Kurisupally on the other side of the church was a desire of the parishners. But there was no suitable place for the same. The tactical approach of Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakara managed to obtain the 7.75 cents of land of Sri Kumbanattel Lukose for an amount of Rs. 37,130. In that way, the issue of a place to construct the new Kurisupally was solved. The then parish priest of Chakkampuzha and a native of this parish Rev. Fr. John Luke Thuruthyppally died at the age of 52 in Rome on Sept. 16, 1990. The sudden demise of Rev. Fr. John Luke Thuruthypally, who was a retreat preacher and a Bible scholar, put the entire parishners of Thuruthyppally to dismay. His funeral was attended by a huge gathering of people from different walks of life. The council meeting held on Nov. 11, 1990 decided to make and place armchairs inside the church.


The circular no. 809 issued on Dec. 4, 1992 granted the permission to establish a Kurisupally, for which the land was purchased. Mar Pallickaparambil laid the foundation stone on Dec. 5, 1991. Joseph Chacko Koovelil, Paul Joseph Parathadam, James Paul Koovelil and Joy Joseph Kuzhivelil were the Kurisupally construction committee members. The construction of the beautiful Kurisupally was completed with an amount of Rs. 1,36,690 collected from the parishners. Mar Joseph Pallickaparambil blessed the new Kurisupally on May 6, 1992.


Rev. Fr. Kurias Joseph, who was leading the retired life in this parish since 1983, had done a lot for the progress of this parish. The parishners of Thuruthypally celebrated the Golden Jubilee of his priestly ordination. Rev. Fr. Kurias Joseph formed a trust to help the poor people for education, marriage and medical treatment on Jan. 5, 1992. The Marriage help fund started during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakara was inaugurated by Mar Kuriakose Kunnassery and His Lordship also donated his contribution for the fund. It was during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakara the celebration of parish–day was started. The construction of family graves were started as per the decision of the council held on June 21, 1992.


Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakara was transferred and Rev. Fr. John Pothiyittel was appointed the new parish priest in Feb. 1993. His first initiative was to construct kitchen, toilet and bathroom for the use of the parishners. The east corner of the church courtyard, which was fallen down, was leveled with a wall. Made arrangements to get three-phase connection for the church and did new wiring.  The rubber replanting, racing of the Altar and the rearrangements of sound system etc. were done. It was decided to construct a church inside the cemetery as per the circular no. 542, issued on July 29, 1996. The cemetery church was constructed and given in memory of Sri Kurian Paul Kurias by his sons Cyriac Kurias – Canada, Augustine Paul and Johnny Paul. The sweeper Anna Kumbanattel retired from her duties and Eliamma David Kumbanattel was appointed the new sweeper.


The work of mondalam was started as per the decision of council meeting held on August 11, 1996 and the Bishop’s circular no. 703 dated Oct. 25, 1996. Rev. Fr. John Pothiyittel was an expert in construction works and the work of modalam was completed with less expense.  Sri Mathew J Kurias and K C Joseph Koovelil were the committee members for the work. The starting of Maymasvanakam in the Kurisupally, construction of open air stage, completion of concrete grave works etc. were done during the tenure of Rev. Fr. John Pothiyittel. He was transferred and Rev. Fr. Edathumparambil was appointed the parish priest of Thuruthyppally in Feb. 1998. Teecose factory was shutdown and its five cents of land was kept for auction. On hearing this Rev. Fr. Idathumparambil and the council took the decision to buy that land for the parish. The parish took the help of NCF of the diocese for an amount of Rs. 20,000 and purchased that land for Rs. 50,400. A gold chain, having 5.5 sovereigns, was donated to the parish after the death of Srimathi Annamma Paul Kurias and that was a blessing for the parish priest. The jubilee celebrations of couples (25 and 50 years) are being celebrated in this parish since 1999. The ceiling work of the church was done with an amount of Rs. 98,684 donated by Dr. Joseph V Kurian Varappadavil from America, who is also a parishner of this parish, in 1999. The photos of Rev. Fr. Augustine Kachiramattathil and Rev. Fr. Paul Pazhempillil, who have served in this parish for a long period of time and called for their eternal rewards, were unveiled during the visit of the Bishop on August 29, 1999. A beautiful arch was made for the madubaha at the instruction of the Bishop. The parish council held on Nov. 21, 1999 entrusted the responsibility of making a map of the parish with Sri Mathew Kurias and Sri John Thuruthyppally.


Rev. Fr. Kurias Joseph passed away at the age of 91, on May 14, 2001. His funeral was attended by a good number of people. Though many times the council decided to construct a Kurisupally in the seven cents of land donated by Manadiyel Devasia in 1965, it could not be done due to financial difficulties in those days. The proposed Kurisupally was built with around Rs. 2 lakhs donated by Srimathi Leelamma Somi, the daughter of Thuruthyppally Luka and the wife of Theekkoyil Vallikkappil Somi, who is staying in America now, and the family members. The construction of Kurisupally, named after St. Sebastian, was started in Jan. 2001 and the completed Kurisupally was blessed by Mar Joseph Pallickaparambil on Nov. 30, 2001.


During this period, the parish church was beautified with the help and support of many people. A computer donated by Bindhu Cyriac Puthupparambil, the new sound system donated by Manjalil Saji Mathew, an organ donated by Sri Tomy Thomas Parambil, a diesel generator of 700 vat donated by Sri Shemit Joseph Kuzhithottiyil, the Altar of Mother Mary donated by Srimathi Nirmala Raju and his family, the Altar of St. John the Baptist donated by Srimathi Renny Kurian Vattanirappel and the baptismal-tub donated by Kuruvila Kurumullumpurayidam etc. include among them. We thank everyone those who have contributed generously, both big and small, for the development of this parish. Sri Augustine Paul Kurias had given Rs. 40,000 as the first installment towards the construction of a grotto of Mother Mary in front of the church and it is in progress.


The parishners celebrated the silver jubilee of Rev. Fr. Joseph Idathumparambil and the golden jubilee of this parishners Rev. Fr. Kurias Aurelian, Rev. Fr. Immanuel Parappuram and Rev. Fr. Philip Thuruthyppally in connection with the parish feast on Feb. 4, 2002. Together with that the jubilee celebrations of couples who have completed 50 and 25 years of marriage were also celebrated.


In 2002, 32 cents of land of the liquidated Teecose factory was obtained for the parish in an auction for an amount of Rs. 75,000. For that the parish received the help of NCF of Pala Diocese with an amount of Rs. 50,000.


The sweeper Eliamma Devid resigned and Saly Sebastian Kollakottil was appointed the new  sweeper in Dec. 2002. The Novena of St. Jude Thaddeus was started at Thuruthypally church in 2002. Many people from different communities come for the Novena and receive blessings on every Tuesday evening. The remaining works of concrete graves in the cemetery were completed in Feb. 2003.


Rev. Fr. Idathumparambil was transferred in Feb. 2003 and Rev. Fr. Michael Kottarathil succeeded him. Rev. Fr. Michael is in preparation of family register book of each family in the parish to prepare a parish ‘admasthithi pustakam’. Though the work of a directory was started during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Idathumparambil himself, it could not be done due to some technical difficulties and it was released during the time of Rev. Fr. Michael.


The house of Mar Kuriakose Kunnassery, the Bishop of Kottayam Diocese, is close to Thuruthyppally church. He was an Altar boy in this parish during his early days. The whole parishners of Thuruthyppally express our sincere gratitude to Mar Kunnassery for considering this parish as his own parish and participating and encouraging us in all the activities of this parish.


We remember and thank all the people who have contributed for the progress of this parish since its beginning. We also wish and pray for the success of all the efforts of our present parish priest Rev. Fr. Michael.     

Formar Vicars