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Infant Jesus Church is situated within the boundaries of Angamaly Forane Church parish and Thuravur parish. Before the erection of kidangoor parish, the Catholic families in the locality were under the historic parish of Angamaly. As the church at Angamaly was at a distance of 3 miles, it was very difficult for them to walk 3 miles to attend the Holy Mass. There were no roads in those days. Having a local parish church was the greatest dream of the faithful of kidangoor. Though attempts were made to build a church with the co-operation of the Catholics of Thuravoor and Mukkannor, it did not materialize. Gradually churches were erected at Thuravur and Mukkannoor. Having a parish church of their own remained a dream for the people of kidangoor who were basically poor farmers. 

When the dream of having a church in locality failed to come true, the Catholics of kidangoor renovated the kudipallikkodam (the present Infant Jesus L.P. School) and used it as a pallikkoodam as a place of worship by installing the sacred image of St. Mary. The vanakamasam of St. Mary and vanakamasa thirunnal were conducted here with great celebrations. When Government officials warned and prohibited the use of the school for worship, application for erecting a church was submitted to the authority and it was granted.

But as disputes cropped up about the suitability of the place for the church, construction work could not be started. After detailed discussions and search kadiparaparambu was selected. Acknowledging public opinion Chirackal Vareethu Esthaphanose, the owner of the land, donated it for erecting a church. A kudipallikkoodam was erected there for imparting education to children. It was also used as a place of worship. Following enquiry by Government officials about using the school as a church, worship in the school had to be stopped. With this, the long cherished dream of erecting a permanent church in the locality grew intense. Delegates approached H.E. Mar Louis Pazheparampil, the Vicar Apostolica of Ernakulam, seeking his permission for erecting a church at kidangoor. Permission was granted on 24 June 1908. Following the sanction from the diocese, Chirackal Vareethu Esthaphanose as petitioner submitted a petition seeking permission to erect a church before the government on 21 Mithunam 1083. Permission to build a capela on kadiparaprambu (survey No. 459/1) was granted to Chirackal Vareethu Esthaphanose on 13 kanni 1084 vide Royal decree, section 8, issued on 13 vruchikam 1074.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Kalassery visited the temporary place of worship in the school in kadiparaparambu as the special envoy of the Vicar Apostolica and declared that a church dedicated to Infant Jesus was established there at 10 A.M. on 25 July 1909.The foundation stone for the proposed church was laid by him on the same day. It was permitted that the temporary place of worship could be used as church till the completion of the new church. The day was celebrated as a thirunnal. Since then priests from Angamaly church conducted the Mass and other rituals on Sundays and other days of obligation in Kidangoor. As the service of a permanent vicar was essential, the parishners requested the bishop to appoint a vicar and their request was granted. Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakkattussery, the then Assistant Vicar of Angamaly church, was appointed as the vicar of Kidangoor church. Fr. Joseph took the charge of the parish on 1 August 1914.He resided in the newly built vicarage.

The construction of the new church began in January 1917. In spite of financial difficulties, the work progressed. The construction work was completed in March 1920. The church was consecrated by H.E. Mar Augustine Kandathil on 25 April 1920.

The kurisupalli at Kidangoor was raised to a parish under Angamaly Forane church on 9 June 1920 under the efforts of Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Kalarickal and its area was finalized. Fr. Geevarghese was appointed as the first vicar of Kidangoor parish.

The beautiful façade of the church was constructed during the tenure of Rev. Fr. Urumese Palatti who was the vicar from 1948 to 1956. The façade was consecrated on 31 January 1953.

During the tenure of Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadakumpadan 2 wings to the south and north of the madbaha were built for the convenience of the congregation. The three sides of the madbaha were concreted and the sacristy was raised and two altars were built in the church. Fr. Joseph constructed the Golden Jubilee Memorial Hall of the Priestly Ordination of H.E. Mar Joseph Paeakkattil. Rev. Fr. Joseph Vadappuram completed the construction of the sacristy and concreted the roof of the two verandahs of the church and the southern verandah of the vicarage. Rev. Fr. Paul Kanjirakattukari electrified the church and the vicarage. Sepulchers were built in the cemetery and they were filled with sand by him. Rev. Fr. Paul Aayirurkkaran who served the parish from 1975 to 1978 pulled apart the decaying capela of St. kuchu Thresia and built a new beautiful capela with the co-operation of the parishners. The kitchen and the rooms on the northern and eastern sides of the vicarage were renovated with concrete roof. Rev. Fr. Xavier Kareethara concentrated on renovating the capela dedicated to St. Thomas which stood on the northern side of the parish. The renovated capela was consecrated on 1 February 1979 by H.E. Cardinal Joseph Parekkattil. It stands as the jubilee memorials of the consecration of the bishop. Family units were founded and they began functioning in the parish during the tenure of Fr. Xavier.

As the Catholic community in the parish grew, the existing church became too small to cater to their need. Therefore it was necessary to build a larger church. During the tenure of Rev. Fr. Paul Pallippadan, the existing church was pulled apart and the foundation stone of the proposed new church was laid by H.E. Cardinal Joseph Parekkattil on 27 March 1983. Fr. Paul demised on 16 April 1985 before the completion of the church. His successor Rev. Fr. Joseph Pudussery completed the construction of the church and it was consecrated by H.E. Mar Antony Padiyara, the Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly Arch Diocese on 4 May 1986.

During the tenure of Rev. Fr. Jacob Kakkattuchira the cemetery was renovated and sepulchers were built step by step instead of graves and a beautiful capela was erected in the cemetery. During the tenure of Rev. Fr. Joseph Palatti the land in front of the church was acquired. During the tenure of Rev. Fr. Kallarackal, the defunct family units began to function in 19 wards.

Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Joseph Puthenkudi and Assistant Vicar Varghese Palatti the family units were rearranged into 30 units. All the 30 units are functioning actively. Rev. Fr. Jimmychan karthanam who succeeded Rev. Fr. Varghese as Assistant Vicar took efforts to make the family units more active. Under the able leadership of the present vicar Rev. Fr. Paul S. Payyappilli and Assistant Vicar Rev. Fr. Thomas Chillackal a beautiful capela dedicated to Infant Jesus was erected in front of the church. The capela was consecrated on 28 December 2007.

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